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Get Coach Phill's proven strategies that will help you to become a more effective and inspirational leader capable of creating a winning high-performance culture while producing a 40% increase in results consistently.


The Leadership Problem ...

As a leader in this fast paced industry, you are faced with a lot of challenges that seem to evolve everyday. Guess what, the responsibility for solving all of them will most assuredly fall on your shoulders. These will range from developing managerial effectiveness, inspiring others and developing employees, just to mention a few.

Question is, "Are you fully equipped with the tools and mental toughness to deal with all that comes your way?" I have seen leaders who crush under the pressure of delivering on the organizational goals all because they were not supported and empowered enough!

After a lifetime of working with different organizations to realign their productivity and performance, I packaged all that we have learnt through our successes into this online course.

The Solution ...

There are so many leadership courses/seminars/conferences out there and I am sure you have attended a few. But why have the results remained the same?

From my experience, what any leadership team needs is a holistic experience that equips them with an all round tool box that ensures that they can take on any challenge.

This online course is structured in such a way that by the time you are done, you are an unstoppable, inspirational and effective leader who leads a team of high achievers. You will grow both personally and professionally and receive the knowledge, training, years of experience, and the support, that is needed to become a results assured top leader. The curriculum has been developed by the industry front-runners in exceptional leadership and I ame excited to share this with you.

Imagine a life where your team exceeds their goals, the business profits are double the previous financial year and the work environment is happier yet more productive than ever before. This is your time ...


Course Modules

Foundational Principles of Great Leadership

Foundations are very important as you build something great. In this module, you will learn the basic practices that every successful leader uses in their daily endeavors.

The 10 Virtues of Great Leadership Excellence

What do you believe as a leader? What are your core values? In this module, Coach Phill shares the virtues of great leadership

The 4 Keys to Executing Strategy

Having the best strategy as a leader is one thing. Executing it effectively is another. You will discover the most effective and practical ways of ensuring proper and fast execution of ideas

Leadership High Performance and Productivity Principles

What routines and practices do high achieving leaders follow? Get ready as coach reveals these little-known secrets that will transform you into a high achieving leader

Sales and Leadership

Did you know that you are directly responsible for the sales outcomes of your business? Are you equipped with effective sales mindsets and principles? Learn how to develop these skills and also successfully manage your sales team.

Cultivating Great Employee Engagement

This will build or break your business/company. What is employee engagement and how can you use it to grow your company?

Innovation and Leadership

Innovation and creativity is the only way to stay relevant in this fast moving corporate world. Question is "How do you come up with innovative ideas and implement accordingly?" You will learn this and more

The 5 Business Drivers for Success

Did you know that every successful business focuses on just 5 aspects? With proper implementation of these 5, the sky is the limit.

Leadership Mentoring and Coaching

It is no secret that the most successful individuals/artists/teams have coaches and mentors. However, there is a recipe to follow for a mentor-ship program to be successful.

Effective Leadership

In this module, we take it to the next level! Discover how to develop a team of leaders and ensure that you leave a print on any business you touch. You will learn how to transform any company into smooth operating machine

Hiring Champions

Every leader needs a winning team! Building a great team has to be a deliberate effort from the leadership. What is the winning formula for hiring high achievers? This module clarifies that.

Clients who have benefited from our leadership programs ...

This Course is quite useful

Coach Phill is one of the best coaches around. The depth of illustrations was amazing. He used real life experiences from the work place which was quite useful

Edith Kaboyo, PA to MD Total Uganda

It dealt with our challenges

The program dealt with all the challenges in our organisation. The program also leaves everyone with a challenge to go and change their way of doing things so as to get outstanding results.

Patricia Ojangole, MD UDBL

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